We’re past the point of pledges. It’s time for action and results.

We have less than 10 years to prevent humanity from crossing the climate tipping points that will result in irreversible damage to environmental and human health. While policymakers fail to find common ground to ignite change, many top business leaders are making moves to put their companies on a sustainable trajectory.

But many business leaders face considerable structural, cultural and operational challenges as they work to transform their organizations. And we’ve yet to see transformation at the necessary scale and speed. The gap between where we are and where we need to be is still far too wide. 

We are building a community of courageous leaders to redefine how business is done, break down barriers standing in the way of meaningful change, and together scale and accelerate sustainable transformation.

Business leaders unite to blaze a trail to sustainable transformation.

For a thriving environmental, social and economic future, only one direction is possible: toward an economy that operates within the capacity of the planet. 

Generation Glasgow is a task force that seeks to develop solutions to help leaders overcome the critical challenges they face in driving the ecological transition of their companies. It brings together business leaders eager to move past the political theater of the global climate conference circuit to share their experiences, discuss barriers to progress and concrete solutions that will help blaze a trail to transformation.

Generation Glasgow sets itself apart from existing communities, think tanks and networks by providing an informal, collaborative space for C-level executives, board members and investors to promote courage as the necessary spark to systemic change, open up an honest dialogue about the root causes of the challenges changemakers face in scaling transformation, shape recommendations and solutions, and harness the power of a collective approach to drive progress.

Learn from one another

Share learnings & best practices with fellow leaders on embedding sustainability into organizational DNA and overcoming challenges to drive positive transformation.


Scale & strengthen our movement by rethinking governance models, bridging the gap between generations, opening up dialogue with scientists & NGOs, and engaging shareholders and industry peers.


Identify key levers to successfully tackle structural and cultural challenges, and co-create solutions to accelerate business transformation.

Uncovering the key barriers to change

Over the course of the past year, The Boson Project, Quantis and Goodness&Co interviewed dozens of CEOs and C-level executives from leading companies across industries to uncover the major challenges leaders face in driving sustainable transformation at the heart of their organizations, the key levers for change and how confident they feel about the sustainability trajectory we’re on. Here’s what we heard:

True transformation starts with transformative culture.

For change to grab hold, it needs to be human-centered. Businesses must take a critical look at how their current culture may be sabotaging their progress.

The new coopetition: collaboration isn’t optional.

Building bridges with competitors, non-governmental organizations and local communities is a must-have. Coalitions are critical to fill knowledge gaps, pool efforts and resources, bring in outside minds to challenge business and generally create a more powerful force for change.

It’s time to redesign corporate governance structures.

Few companies have organizational structures in place designed to treat it as a material business issue. If leaders are to drive ambitious agendas, corporate governance needs a shakeup. There is a need to transition from a shareholder to a stakeholder economy — one in which a company’s mission serves people and the planet.

The importance of finance can’t be overstated.

Business leaders are often expected to completely transform their companies while operating within the constraints of a financial system that are at odds with — and actively undermine — long-term value creation. There is a pressing need for redefining performance to include extra-financial value, shareholder commitments to financing the transition and harmonizing reporting standards.

Government needs to set expectations and incentivize change.

Government support can help pull up industry laggards, send positive signals to first movers and provide real incentives to encourage sustainable business models. Business needs to forge greater partnership with government to collaborate on stronger, common standards and ensure the right regulatory frameworks are in place to facilitate the shift.

Meet the members

The Generation Glasgow movement was made possible by a group of forward-thinking companies and organizations committed to driving sustainable change. Co-founded by The Boson Project, Quantis and Goodness&Co, Generation Glasgow currently counts 24 members and remains open to additional participants.

Business Leaders organizations
Accor, Aema Groupe, Aigle, Association Familiale Mulliez, B Lab, Bel, Camif, Carrefour, Chanel, Decathlon, Eurazeo, Groupe Rocher, Interface, L’Oréal, Maif, Mars, Incorporated, Mirova, Sodexo, Sycomore Asset Management
Youth organizations
CliMates, Ecological Awakening, EM Lyon, HEC Paris, Pour un réveil écologique, Jeunes Ambassadeurs pour le Climat
Thought leaders​
Bertrand Badré, Dominique Bourg, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Emmanuel Faber, Bruno Roche, Time for the Planet
What our members say

“We were taught to drive performance by the quarter. I had to give up all these instincts to be able to comprehend the long-term consequences of our actions. It’s hard to let go of long-held beliefs, but that’s where it all starts.”

Cécile Beliot, General Manager, BEL Group

“Social and environmental issues must be at the heart of corporate strategies. Today, rather, it is finance that drives the economy and not human interests: it’s time for us to take back control of the economy.”

Sandrine Dixson-Declève,
 Co-President, Club of Rome

“I’m on several people’s blacklist and I know it. I go for it because I don’t want to have any regrets.”

Pauline Lepage,
 Member, CliMates

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The more of us there are around the table, the richer the discussions and the better equipped we’ll be to strategically tackle the challenges that hinder effective action.

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