Business leaders unite

to accelerate sustainable transformation

The clock is ticking and we’re past the point of pledges. It’s time for action and results. We’re building a community of courageous leaders to redefine how business is done, break down barriers to meaningful change, and accelerate business transformation.

Learn from other leaders

Share learnings & best practices with fellow leaders on embedding sustainability into organizational DNA and overcoming challenges to drive positive transformation.


Scale & strengthen the movement by rethinking governance models, bridging the gap between generations, opening up dialogue with scientists & NGOs, and engaging shareholders and industry peers.


Identify key levers to successfully tackle structural and cultural challenges, and co-create solutions to accelerate business transformation.

Generation Glasgow

Generation Glasgow is a task force of business leaders answering the urgent call to shape an economy and society where people and planet thrive. Our aim is to open up an honest dialogue about the root causes of the challenges changemakers face in scaling transformation, and harness the power of a collective approach to drive progress.

Generation Glasgow provides an informal, collaborative space for C-level executives, board members and investors to identify barriers to change, unlock levers for success and support one another in their courageous efforts to shift their businesses.

Generation Glasgow co-founders

Business Leaders' organizations
Accor, Aema Groupe, Aigle, Association Familiale Mulliez, B Lab, Bel, Camif, Carrefour, Chanel, Decathlon, Eurazeo, Groupe Rocher, Interface, L’Oréal, Maif, Mars, Incorporated, Mirova, Sodexo, Sycomore Asset Management
Youth organizations
CliMates, Ecological Awakening, EM Lyon, HEC Paris, Pour un réveil écologique, Jeunes Ambassadeurs pour le Climat
Thought leaders
Bertrand Badré, Dominique Bourg, Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Emmanuel Faber, Bruno Roche, Time for the Planet

Isabelle Grosmaitre,
Founder, Goodness&Co

“We are thrilled to introduce Generation Glasgow, a collective of leaders who are bravely answering the urgent call to shift from purpose to practice. The time is now for business to be purposeful. Time is about action. We have a decade to be bold and reinvent the way we do business. But change is never easy. One thing is certain: there will be no transformation without courage. This collective is eager to tackle the HOW to make it happen at scale.”

Dimitri Caudrelier

CEO, Quantis

“After months of interviews with dozens of CEOs and ExCom members from some of the world’s biggest companies in the consumer goods and other industries, we have a clear understanding of the barriers they face in shifting to operate within planetary boundaries. I’m thrilled to launch Generation Glasgow, together with The Boson Project and Goodness&Co, a task force to help leaders tackle their most prevalent pain points in order to clear the path to their transformation. There is no time to waste and Generation Glasgow is ready to catalyze business transformation, hand in hand with the individuals that will lead boldly in these important years to come.”

Emmanuelle Duez
Founder, The Boson Project

“The concerned mind of the citizen can no longer leave the brain of the leader, the manager, the collaborator or the entrepreneur. Together, we connect the facets of our lives to become one: a human being who observes, seeks to understand, in order to build and to dream of a transformation that we all wish for and yet so complex to achieve. It is in this new relationship to work that lies a formidable lever of transition for our organizations.”

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The challenge is great, but together we can go further, faster to create a better future for people, planet and business. The time for action is now. Join us.