Meet the

The founders

Generation Glasgow was co-founded by The Boson Project, Quantis and Goodness&Co to identify the barriers business leaders face in driving transformation at the heart of their organizations and to harness collective intelligence to create solutions to overcome them.

Isabelle Grosmaitre,
Fondatrice, Goodness&Co

Dimitri Caudrelier

CEO, Quantis

Emmanuelle Duez
Fondatrice, The Boson Project

Meet the members

Generation Glasgow is powered by a group of courageous and forward-thinking individuals committed to driving sustainable change. Generation Glasgow currently counts over 30 members and remains open to additional participants.

Michel Aballea
Former Managing Director, Decathlon

Arthur Auboeuf
Co-Founder, Time for the Planet

Bertrand Badré,
Managing Partner and Founder, Blue Like an Orange Sustainable Capital

Cécile Beliot,
Managing Director, Groupe Bel

Philippe Blondiaux,
Global Chief Financial Officer, Chanel

Dominique Bourg
Philosophor and Former President of the Scientific Council of the Foundation for Nature and Mankind

Sandrine Conseiller,
CEO Aigle

Adrien Couret,
Managing Director, Aéma Groupe

Pascal Demurger,
Managing Director, MAIF

Sandrine Dixson-Declève,
President, Club de Rome

Baptiste Eisele,
Member, Pour un réveil écologique

Emmanuel Faber,
Chair International Sustainability Standards Board

Barthélémy Guislain,
Chairman of the Management Board, Association Familiale Muliez

Nicolas Hiéronimus,
CEO, L'Oréal

Isabelle Huault,
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, EM Lyon

Emery Jacquillat,
CEO, Camif

Carine Kraus
Executive Director of Engagement, Carrefour

Pauline Lepage,
Member, CliMates

Denis Machuel,
CEO, The Adecco Group

Virginie Morgon,
CEO, Eurazeo

Marcello Palazzi,
Co-Founder of B Lab Europe and Global Ambassador, B Lab

Barry Parkin,
Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer, Mars, Incorporated

Eloic-Anil Peyrache,
Dean & General Director, HEC

Brune Poirson,
Chief Sustainability Officer, Accor

Emeric Preaubert
Founding Partner, Sycomore

Eric Rampelberg,
Vice President & General Manager - Southern Europe, India & Southeast Asia, Interface

Titouan Rio,
President, Jeunes Ambassadeurs pour le Climat

Bruno Roche,
Founder and Executive Director, Economics of Mutuality

Bris Rocher,
CEO, Groupe Rocher

Philippe Zaouati,
CEO, Mirova

Alan Jope,
CEO, Unilever