Getting the board of directors on board to drive sustainable transformation

After surveying a number of executives to identify their most significant obstacles to sustainable transition, a common theme emerged: the board of directors.

Supervisory power: watchdogs of sustainable performance

Good governance relies on a structure or framework to clearly articulate and house the systems in which business activities take place.

Establishing governance structures to enable sustainable transformation

In the complex and interconnected environment in which we now live and work, navigating the evolution of a company’s vision, commitments and actions is complicated.

Sovereign power: re-engaging shareholders

Sovereign power in a company is held by those whose legitimacy cannot be questioned without causing the whole system to fall apart…

Do sustainability and governance really fit together?

Governance, by definition, is a management tool used to safeguard a company’s future…

Sustainable transformation: what will it take?

Introducing Generation Glasgow and the quest to tackle barriers to change.